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General Assembly 2022

The IAE General Assembly was held in Berlin, Germany, from October 5th through October 7th. Twenty-seven Fellows were in attendance, with another five fellows attending virtually. Among the most important decisions made at the GA were:

a. The next General Assembly will be held in Singapore in 2024, with specific dates to be announced. Ee Ling Low and Oon-Seng Tan will host the General Assembly.

b. Kadriye Ercikan was chosen as President-Elect and will become President at the Singapore General Assembly in 2024.

c. Also, in 2024 the Academy will have a new Executive Director. Barry Fraser will be stepping down, having served as Executive Director since 1990. Olga Troitschanskaia will become the new Executive Director.



Ulrich Teichler announces the publication of his book, Higher Education – What Else? The Story of a Lifetime. In Conversation with Anna Kosmützky and Christiane Rittgerott. In the book Ulrich, who turns 80 this month, reflects on more than five decades of higher education research. He comments on the economic miracle and university expansion, the student movement, experiments and crises of the 1970s, organizational breakdown, reunification, internationalization, rankings, and the management cult – all historical stages reflected in higher education. The book is available from Budrich Academic Press (ISBN 978-3-96665-058-8).

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