IAE-IBE Educational Practices Interviews

We are thrilled to introduce the International Academy of Education - International Bureau of Education (IAE - IBE) Educational Practices Interview Series, developed with the support of The Learning Bar. This series is a collection of thought-provoking videos featuring scholars from the Academy. In this series, IAE Fellows share insights into their transformative handbooks on educational principles, policies, and practices.Subscribe to the dedicated YouTube channel and unlock the potential to inspire excellence in education.

Speaker: Conrad Hughes, Director of Education at the International School of Geneva

Download Policy Paper: Guiding Principles for Learning in the Twenty-first Century
Release date: December 12, 2022



Speaker: Fernando M. Reimers, Ford Foundation Professor of the Practice of International Education and Director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative and of the International Education Policy Master’s Program at Harvard University

Download Policy Paper: Education and Covid-19: Recovering from the shock created by the pandemic and building back better
Release date: January 9, 2023



Speaker: William H. Schubert, Professor Emeritus of Curriculum & Instruction, University of Illinois at Chicago

Download Policy Paper: Curriculum Matters: What Teachers Should Know and Do by William H. Schubert
Release date: February 13, 2023



Speaker: Andreas Demetriou, Professor Emeritus, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Download Policy Paper: Understanding and facilitating the development of intellect
Release date: March 13, 2023


Speaker: Stella Vosniadou, Strategic Professor at Flinders University in South Australia and an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Philosophy and History of Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Download Policy Paper: Teaching students how to learn: Setting the stage for lifelong learning
Release date: April 10, 2023



Speaker: Lorin Anderson, Carolina Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina

Download Policy Paper: Task, Teaching and Learning: Improving the Quality of Education for Economically Disadvantaged Students
Release date: May 8, 2023



Speaker: Keith Topping, Professor of Educational and Social Research, School of Education, University of Dundee, Scotland

Download Policy Paper: Philosophy for Children
Release date: June 5, 2023



Speaker: Panagiotis Kampylis, Digital Transformation Policy and Data Analyst at National Documentation Centre (EKT)

Download Policy Paper: Nurturing creative thinking
Release date: August 18, 2023



Speaker: Denes Szűcs, Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience  and Psychology; Fellow, Darwin College, Cambridge; and Deputy Director, Centre for Neuroscience in Education, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Download Policy Paper: Math Anxiety



Speaker: Sam Redding, President of the Academic Development Institute, director of the Family Education Center, and executive editor of The school community journal; senior research associate of the Laboratory for Student Success at Temple University, Philadelphia

Download Policy Paper: Parents and learning



Speaker: Maurice J. Elias, Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University and Vice-Chair of the Leadership Team of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (www.CASEL.org)

Download Policy Paper: Academic and socialemotional learning



Speaker: Wim Van Dooren, professor Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven

Download Policy Paper: Proportional reasoning


The Academy would like to thank Nick Burbules for taking the lead on this project and for conducting the interviews. In addition, the Academy expresses its appreciation to Nicki Brett, Clayton Crane, and Yessica Enriquez of The Learning Bar for their excellent technical assistance in making the project a reality.