Marc Depaepe

Eric A. Hanushek
Marc Depaepe
Vice-Rector (deputy chancellor) - University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Campus Kulak, Kortrijk

Research Interest

Researcher at the University of Leuven (1977), Lecturer (1984), Assistant Professor (1990), Professor (1993) and Extra-ordinary and Ordinary Professor 1996/2000). Served previously as Head of the department of Educational Sciences at Leuven (2001-2004), Head of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Kortrijk (2004-2009), and Coordinator of the Human Sciences at Kortrijk (2007-2009). Lectures at the campus Kortrijk: history of education and history of behavioral sciences, and at the main campus in Leuven: history of modern educational systems. His main research interests are: 1. History of educational and behavioral sciences, especially pedology, experimental pedagogy, and educational psychology; 2. History of education at large in Belgium (especially primary education); 3. International historiography of education (including theoretical, methodological and conceptual issues); 4. History of colonial and postcolonial education (especially Congo).

Recent Positions and honors

Since 2005 co-editor-in-chief of Paedagogica Historica. International Journal of the History of Education; Served as secretary (1989-1991) and chair (1991-1994) of ISCHE. International Standing Conference for the History of Education, as chair of the BNVGOO (Belgian-Dutch Society for the History of Education) (1998-2002) and as vice-chair of the Internationale Gesellschaft für historische und systematische Schulbuchforschung in Germany (1997-2008). Was awarded in 2015 the degree of doctor honoris causa at the University of Latvia in Riga.


Leuven, 1982 and 1989


Published and co-published more than 500 items in 17 different languages. Most important books are: On the Relationship of Theory and History in Pedagogy (Leuven, 1983); Zum Wohl des Kindes? Pädologie, pädagogische Psychology und experimentelle Pädagogik in Europa und den USA, 1890-1940 (Weinheim, 1993);Order in Progress. Everyday educational practice in primary schools: Belgium, 1880-1970 (Leuven, 2000); Vieja y nueva historia de la educación (Barcelona, 2006); Between educationalization and appropriation (Leuven, 2012).

Contact Information

campusrectoraat Kulak,
Etienne Sabbelaan, 53, B-8500 Kortrijk
tel. +32 56 24 61 31
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