Yuko Nonoyama-Tarumi

Yuko Nonoyama-Tarumi

Bio and Research Interest

Yuko Nonoyama-Tarumi is a Professor in the Sociology Department at Musashi University.  She also is the Director of the Global Data Science Course. She is a sociologist whose research interest is inequality in student achievement, with primary focus on family background, family structure, and parenting. She uses quantitative methods, mostly large-scale cross-national data as well as national data.  Dr. Nonoyama-Tarumi is interested in policy-relevant questions and is currently a member of Expert Committee of National Achievement Study. She has worked as a staff at JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and UNICEF, and as a consultant to OECD and UNESCO Global Monitoring Report. Her interest has always been in inequality among countries and within countries, and how to improve the educational situation of economically-disadvantaged students.


Columbia University, 2005


Dr. Nonoyama-Tarumi is a recipient of a Fulbright Grant for Graduate Study, a Foundation for Advanced Studies in International Development (FASID) Grant, and an AERA Dissertation Grant.


Nonoyama-Tarumi, Y. (2017) “Educational Achievement of Children from Single-Mother and Single-Father Families: The Case of Japan”, Journal of Marriage and Family 79(4), pp.891-1204.

Tarumi,Y. (2017) “The Mechanism of How Primary School Students Acquire Study Habits: A Comparison or Urban Areas in Japan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai”(in Japanese), Hikaku Kyouikugaku Kenkyu [Comparative Educational Studies], 55, pp. 89-110.


Bornstein, M, Britto, P. R., Nonoyama-Tarumi, Y., Ota, Y., Petrovic, O. and Putnick, D. L. (2012) “Child Development in Developing Countries: Introduction and Methods’, Child Development 83(1), pp.16-31.


Nonoyama-Tarumi, Y. and Willms, D. (2010) “The Relative and Absolute Risks of Disadvantaged Family Background and Low Levels of School Resources on Student Literacy”, Economics of Education Review 29(2), pp.214-224.


Nonoyama-Tarumi, Y. and Bredenberg, K. (2009) “Impact of School Readiness Program Interventions on Children's Learning in Cambodia.” International Journal of Educational Development 29 (1), pp.39-45.


Contact Information

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