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System-wide Improvement in Education

The Nurturing of New Educational Researchers

For over three years, a variety of educational researchers worked together to discuss the present and future state of doctoral education and training. Their findings and discussions, as well as their suggestions for improvement, have now been put together in a book.

Five educational researchers, coming from a variety of higher education institutions, academic disciplines, and cultural backgrounds, met together over a three-year period to discuss the present and future of doctoral education and training in the field of education. Their hope was that the product of their discussions would enable educators and policy makers around the world to rethink, restructure, and even design new programs to prepare the rising generation of educational researchers in their countries. These differences in academic, national, and institutional perspectives led to a variety of ways, even conflicting ones, in which the quality of doctoral education and training could be improved.

Instead of passively absorbing a unified position, then, the reader is invited to join the dialogue that has taken place and is still taking place) between and among the authors. To exemplify such a dialogue, each chapter is followed by one or two commentaries written by members of the group. We would encourage the reader to write commentaries on the individual chapters (and perhaps the commentaries), thereby engaging in a dialogue with the authors on a fairly personal level.

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