Recent Publications of Academy Fellows

Two new publications from Academy Fellows now available

Dr. Adrienne Alton-Lee, Chief Education Advisor in the New Zealand Ministry of Education, discusses ways of achieving goals with different kinds of learning outcomes.  Also, nine Academy Fellows have collaborated on a collection of papers on educational evaluation, with a book published in Spanish and a special journal issue published in English.

In 'Walking the talk' matters in the use of evidence for transformative education, Dr. Adrienne Alton-Lee calls attention to the need to focus on ways of achieving urgent goals from different kinds of learning outcomes.  In her paper, she considers evidence about the cost of educational stratification and labelling students, opportunity to learn, identity, belongingness, and peer bullying.  Dr. Alton-Lee highlights pedagogical practices that build rather than assume the competencies needed for collaborative problem solving and connectedness.  She warns that unless we are mindful of the impact of educational practices designed to advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainability Goals, well-intentioned curriculum and instruction can have outcomes antithetical to our intentions.  In the final section she highlights an innovation that accelerates improvement across simultaneous success trajectories for competencies identified as critical by IBE-UNESCO. 


Nine Fellows of the Academy contributed chapters to a book entitled Temas clave de la evaluación de la educación básica.  Diálogos con la Academia Internacional de la Educación [Key issues in the evaluation  of basic education. Dialogues with the International Academy of Education], which will be published in April, 2018.  The chapters in the book will be published in English as a special issue of the journal Educational Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA) in late Spring.  More information about the names of the contributing authors as well as the titles of their chapters can be found on this website under the “Projects” tab.